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 What's the capital of Niger ?

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What's the capital of Niger ? Empty
PostSubject: What's the capital of Niger ?   What's the capital of Niger ? Empty2017-02-03, 8:51 pm

What's the capital of Niger ?

The capital of Niger:

Niamey is the capital of the Republic of Niger, the largest cities, and is the most important economic and cultural center of Niamey and administratively as President in the country.


The capital Niamey on the Niger River in the southwestern part of the country, divided into seven major provinces and Niger are aghads, wediva, wedoso, wemaradi, wetawa, Zinder and Niamey capital, President Center for trade and export of agricultural products produced by the Republic of Niger to the world. Concentrated in Niamey, the majority of political activities in addition to industrial, commercial and cultural activities.

Its history:

Founded the city of Niamey in the eighteenth century a.d., then came the French, and they had developed a commercial colonies for them in that area in the late 18th century, this development led to the growth and evolution of Niamey quickly, which turned it into an important economic centre, became the capital of the Republic of Niger Niamey, in 1926, the estimated population of Niamey the capital with about 30.000 inhabitants, due to internal migrations from different provinces due to droughts.

The Republic of Niger, population of Niger in French:

Niger is a landlocked no don't be long on the coast of West Africa and freedom in the name of Niger after the Niger River, which divides the territory, located south of Nigeria and Niger are different country from Niger, Benin and bounded from West Burkina Faso, Mali and Libya and Algeria is bordered on the North and East is bordered by Chad, Niger total about 1,270,000 square kilometers, is the largest West African States in terms of size, but that 80% of those covered by desert, is unused, as the total population Approximately 15 million people, mostly concentrated in the South and West of the State.

Niger is one of the world's poorest and least developed countries as well, where the Sahara covers nearly 80% of the total area of Niger, while the other parts of other climatic problems such as drought and desertification. Composition of the society reflect the composition of society clearly different between groups of people in Niger, as a result of the many independent historical events experienced by all ethnic groups and all regions in Niger, Niger did not count as a single independent State only recently, where Niger was previously a vast parts of limbs and other large kingdoms, after independence, successive Republic of Niger five different Governments in addition to the three periods of military rule, that legislation was passed a new electoral law governing chose the country's President in 1999.


The Islamic religion is the religion of the majority of the population in Niger, and the bulk of the population in remote areas of the country as they lack the educational opportunities in various stages.
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What's the capital of Niger ?
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