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 The Lost City Of Atlantis

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The Lost City Of Atlantis Empty
PostSubject: The Lost City Of Atlantis   The Lost City Of Atlantis Empty2017-02-03, 9:36 pm

The lost city of Atlantis

People always talked about this city and was talking between CA and killing about existence of the Mayor, but all accounts meet as if they actually found the city was based on great civilization and its secrets remain opaque to everyone

Atlantis in Greek, Atlas or island of Atlantis, a fictional legendary virtual continent did not prove its existence even now definitive proof, the philosopher Plato has mentioned in his Florida speeches, tells about what happened around Jeddah Toulon on his trip to Egypt and meeting with priests and their talk on this continent that ruled the world. And ignited sometime many fiction writers, poets and filmmakers to produce an awful lot of SCI products around which revolve around this topic.

Possible existence of Atlantis behind many active discussions throughout antiquity.

The story of the legendary Atlantis

And describes the philosopher Plato say it is an island located beyond the pillars of Hercules, and she was as a naval force had achieved victories over many parts of Western Europe as well as in Africa and back to 9000 BC. And they are considered one continent is missing, and she was born after the Pharaonic civilization thought she sank by about 1800 BC and talked about and around Plato also said she was in contact with the Pharaonic civilisation, so there's some ancient Egyptian temples lyrics have a weird way of writing and also there is a draw on a jet plane (weird) and ride 2 men, one reportedly a pharaonic man Rameses II and the second man man wearing strange wearing and said it was rumored the Atlantic

Where continent of Atlantis?

One scientist says that perhaps he discovered remains of the lost city of Atlantis. Where satellite images have revealed to southern Spain from the ground there exactly matches the description written by Plato in his city.

Average looking for any sign of the city described by Plato.
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The Lost City Of Atlantis
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