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 Dark Circles Around the Eyes; a Problem Roiling Many

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Dark Circles Around the Eyes; a Problem Roiling Many Empty
PostSubject: Dark Circles Around the Eyes; a Problem Roiling Many   Dark Circles Around the Eyes; a Problem Roiling Many Empty2017-02-10, 5:17 pm

-Dark circles around the eyes aesthetic and psychological problem, and there is no specific treatment yet, and their causes may be hereditary or acquired. The use of lasers is useless until now because the dark color around the eye is not a prominent object or false leather jacket, it is a color of oxygenated blood under the thin skin which lacks the fatty layer covering or increasing excretion of pigment melanin in the skin of other factors. (More: cutaneous hyperpigmentation)

What are the causes of dark circles under the eyes?

First: it may be nasal congestion cause dark color, so you should discuss this with ear nose and throat doctor, that dark color is the color of venous blood under the skin, circulatory pixels which may be for nasal congestion contribution. (More: causes and treatment of nasal congestion)

Second: it may be one of the strong reasons for seeing the emergence of these dark circles because it leads to sore eyes. (Read more: how to conquer insomnia)

III: the sport leads to slow circulation and muscle generally unhappy and less blood flecks.

IV: smoking increases the amount of blood oxidizes v: stress or nervous irritability, or vascular spasm.

Vi: exposure to sunlight increases the secretion of skin pigment glands

VII: the menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance and get leads to changes in skin pigment cells and discharges. (For more: the period between allowed and forbidden)

VIII: pregnancy and when hormonal changes affect the melanoma. (More: fallout on facial skin)

IX: constipation causes increased blood congestion or otherwise.

X: hereditary factors and family be the phenomenon mnntshrh in some alouael.

What factors help reduce dark circles under the eye?

1 outdoor sports increase the oxygen level in the blood, which gives him a bright red skin color earn rosy.

2 adequate sleep early and deep away from staying up late, it causes early pyramid.

3 non-smoking because nicotine leads to catch the blood vessels, leading to dryness, dark skin, as well as leading hydrofluorocarbons to reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood, skin color becomes unstable.

4 lack of exposure to sunlight too long, had to be, at both ends of the day, if otherwise harmful sunlight filtered cream is placed.

5 avoid nasal congestion and check with your doctor to find out if there is congestion or allergy if you have concrete and not use nose drops for congestion relief; that used more than a few days on the finger may lead to the opposite effect. The drop caused congestion rather than diluted if used on 5 days or so.

6 avoid turbulence and agitation and look at the bright side of events.

7 business of facial muscles relaxation exercises, by restoring the best in memory of beautiful and pleasant events.

8. wash the makeup on the face before bed.

9 use a cream opens the skin color.

What are the useful recipes to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

1 put paper Mint smashed around the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

2 rub the area with almond oil before bed.

3. put cotton material saturated with milk on eyes the turn 5 to 10 minutes.

4. use sliced cucumbers or potatoes compresses around the eyes for 20 minutes.

5 compresses rose water 10 minutes.

6. cold water compresses.

7. lemon slices for 10 to 15 minutes.

8 yogurt with honey around the eyes all night.

9 keep the digestive system clean always avoid constipation and concentration; fruit and fresh vegetables.

10 dilution of eating stimuli such as coffee or tea because it contains caffeine.

11 using makeup color light.

12. drink lots of water or fruit juices, natural body fluids and avoid foreign substances on the body and the skin like artificial colors in soft drinks and foods and canned goods. Minimizing fries and canned or frozen foods, plastic surgery

13. use bleaches skin like Hydroquinone by 2-4%.

14. use solar insulation (such as sun block) in the morning and afternoon shift according to the doctor's instructions.

15. some medical centers are blue a small amount of grease under the skin to avoid this phenomenon.

16. light skin peeling or rubbed over slightly to prevent complications or leave some scars for gentle skin in this area and intensity of palpation. .
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Dark Circles Around the Eyes; a Problem Roiling Many
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